Slide Design Project:


Outline of Talk:

  • Meeting the challenges of today world: There is a lot happening around us in the world today. There are challenges that we need God’s help in overcoming.
  • Cleave to God’s word: The eternal plan includes holding onto the iron rod: Cleave to God’s word and of His prophets. The scriptures show us how righteous people respond to temptation and evil.
  • Eternal Destiny: The choices you make shape your eternal destiny. Look ahead- look to the future.
  • Trust in God: Are we allowing ourselves to be led by our Heavenly Father?
  • Education prepares you: Education prepares you for better employment and puts you in a position where you can serve and bless those around you.
  • Find Potential: None of us marry perfection; we marry potential.
  • Move Forward: Go forward not backward


I started by finding a talk that has inspired me. It was a talk given by Elder Robert D. Hales, in October of 2015 called, “Meeting the Challenges of Today’s World”. I read it over again and wrote an outline based on key points. From my outline I picked out key phrases that really emphasize what the talk is all about. I then got out a paper and pencil so I could start sketching some ideas down. I then searched for some pictures that would match the theme of each phrase. I opened up Microsoft Power Point and started adding the design elements and images. I wanted the design element to tie in with the picture colors so I changed one of the stripes on the side to match the image. Below is my sketches of what I wanted my powerpoint to turn out like:


Critique Report:

It was suggested by Alan Anderson and Chris Armstrong that I make a few changes to my images so that the text box doesn’t have an alignment issue. They also suggested making some slight changes to the transparency of the colored boxes on each slide. I went ahead and made some slight changes to the images so there was no awkward spots. Over all they said my design was nice and polished.

Link to the talk: Meeting the Challenges of Today’s World

Fonts used: Batang (serif) and Dancing Script (script)

Links to images: Rock ClimbingBibleGirl LookingHandsChalk BoardWedding FeetSunset Hiking


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