Final Portfolio



I wanted to have a simple slide show displaying my projects. It was really important to me to have the background of my slides simple so it didn’t take away from the projects themselves. I really liked the idea of having something at the bottom that makes you want to turn the page. That is why I added the dotted arrow. I put some of my better projects in the front of the slide to grab the attention of the person looking at it and I ended it strong by putting a statement and contact information.


The critique I received from Sister Esplin was simple. She wanted to make sure I had my PDF saved at high quality so it wasn’t blurry. She also suggested changing the font of the titles to each of my slides so they are easier to read. I took that into account when I did my final edits to my project.


9 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. Cardston S. says:

    Kaylynn! This was great! I really have enjoyed seeing all of your project throughout the semester. I expecially enjoyed your social media project! It is so good and I think it really has the whole disney vibe. Great work!


  2. kmlaszko says:

    Kaylynn I love how you put the arrows on each of your pages for them to follow. I think it was a great idea I love how it came out. I really liked what looking at each of your slides to see all the work that you did this semester and how great your work was.


  3. erans15 says:

    Your work was some of my favorite from the entire semester! I love the simple and clean theme that you keep in all of your projects. It’s actually kinda hard for me to pick a favorite. You are so consistent and really had a job well done this semester!! I hope you are planning on a career in this area because I think you would do great!


  4. BrassDemur says:

    You mentioned in your process portion that you wanted to have a clean design, and nailed that in spades. Whether it was intentional or not, the arrow on the bottom of the page almost gives the slide design a living feeling to me. The change of colors gives the illusion that the slides are animated and that you’re actively a part of them. Stellar work all semester!


  5. CaRynn Harris says:

    Kaylynn, this looks awesome! I love the simplicity of your portfolio and the design of the arrows. I think my favorite project you did was your web design. It looks very professional and inviting. Wonderful job!


  6. EJ says:

    Your portfolio was fun to look at. I like the idea of the arrow because it keeps you turning the page. I also like how you matched the colors. I really enjoyed your movie poster too!


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